Compliant. Certified. Efficient. Persistent. Professional.


Who we are

Whether your company is a large hospital or a small family practice, all accounts are treated very seriously and our workflow processes apply regardless of the age or the amount assigned. All accounts submitted to our company are treated very seriously regardless of age or the amount while staying compliant with all federal and state laws.
Our management team makes sure we are consistent with all rules and regulations by continuously training and updating every member of our staff. Most of the accounts are collected within 30-60 days of placement. Most of the accounts go through our skip tracing department for locating and financial evaluation.

Why Us ?

Here at UHCC we are driven to help our clients recover their hard earned monies. Furthermore, not only do we strive to collect your hard earned money or past due debts, we do everything within our power to maintain the relationships you have created with your patients. We believe in the value of long and fruitful relationship with our clients and this is the reason we work strategically to preserve your relationship with your clients.